About Me

If you’ll allow me, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything I had to learn the hard way about how to get the most prized deals in real estate and notes.

01. Knowledgeable

With a team of researchers at his command Clifton Wright is able to get access to data that would normally take weeks to gather on performing and non performing assets in 1 day.

02. Reliable

When asset acquisitions are on the line you can not count on yesterday’s information since money moves at the speed of light. Providing reliable up to the second data is what we do.

03. Profitable

Clifton Wright has a solid reputation as an experienced supplier and reliable buyer, seller and sponsor of real estate investments in the private and institutional sectors.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Working directly with me you will be tapping directly into a resource of discounted assets direct from real sellers. Statistics show that less than 20% of Broker deals (the Daisy Chain) ever close and thus are a waste of time. I value my time and yours and because of that you will always have Bank Direct opportunities.


Bank Direct Deals


Daisy Chains


What I Do Best

Find Bank Selling Assets

Intensive research analysis to determine a Banks health.

Build Prospecting List

Using the information available I  create a list of potential sellers.

Find Decision Makers

After pouring over tons of data I narrow done the key personal to speak to.

Establish Credibility

For bank direct deals I will establish you as a an accredited buyer of assets.

Find The Best Deals

I follow assets through my workflow funnels finding only the best deals.

Package Investments

Have inventory that meets everyone’s ability to purchase assets.

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