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01. Knowledgeable

With a team of researchers at his command Clifton Wright is able to get access to data that would normally take weeks to gather on performing and non performing assets in 1 day.

02. Reliable

When asset acquisitions are on the line you can not count on yesterday’s information since money moves at the speed of light. Providing reliable up to the second data is what we do.

03. Profitable

Clifton Wright has a solid reputation as an experienced supplier and reliable buyer, seller and sponsor of real estate investments in the private and institutional sectors.

We Provide Data You Need

Asset Analysis

  • First position residential notes
  • 2nd position residential notes
  • Office properties
  • Hospitality properties
  • Storage facilities
  • Owner occupied commercial
  • Consumer credit cards
  • Consumer auto loans

Land Utilization Consulting

Eco Friendly Housing Built Exactly To Your Needs

Thousands of shipping containers are left in ports across the world. There is a clear large abundance of these shipping containers in North America. Reusing the containers saves energy that would otherwise be wasted melting them down.

Shipping containers are already the perfect shape to be repurposed into homes, so a home built out of them is less expensive than a same sized home built traditionally.

Designed to be stacked on cargo ships, shipping containers are inherently structurally sound objects. Due to their robustness, when properly secured, shipping containers can be earthquake and even hurricane ready, which makes them extremely safe and perfect for placing in the harshest environments.

  • Authorized Container Broker
  • Container Home CAD Designer
  • Authorized Funding Associate
  • Guaranteed Lowest Pricing

Our Specialties

We Can deliver the data or assets you are looking for 

portfolio acquisition

Distressed Assets Tracking

Distressed Assets Prospecting

REO Asset Allocation

Non Performing Note Allocation

Land Acquisitions

Container Home Consulting

Container Home Funding

Container Home Design


What We Can Do For You

If you are looking for fiscally strong Banks that are able to liquidate assets rather they be Non Performing Notes or Foreclosures my research team can find portfolios or 1 off deals that are profitable and ready to go. We acquire our loans directly from Tier 1 banks, Servicers, and GSE’s. We purchase assets in bulk and facilitate a market through the sale of these loans to smaller individual investors in a highly fragmented market.

Bank Direct Notes

We have access to Bank Data all over the county and know who has notes to sell

Bank Direct REO's

We track non performing notes all the way through the foreclosure process 

bank asset Research

We provide area specific data to investors looking for particular distressed deals

Real Estate Development

We can provide the funding and container homes to develop a green space

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

When I first started out in this business I was clueless. Needless to it was very frustrating. Now, many years later, I’ve been personally involved in hundreds of transactions for non-performing and distressed asset sales for lenders. If you’ll allow me, I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you everything I had to learn the hard way about how to get the most prized deals in real estate and notes.


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